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Photo Montage Art

The photomontages were created as follows.

Every photo I use in my photo montage art comes from my archive that I have built and archived over the last 40 years. I also made the photos that I use as a background for the texture in the photo montage. Those background photos can be, for example, close-ups of paintings, carpeting, the bark of a tree or foam on seawater. When making the photomontages, no software program is used, but I use the following technique. I start by printing the photos I want to use for composition. This is possible on two types of ‘paper’: vellum paper or transparent paper.

Usually, I print the background photos on transparent paper and the main photo on vellum paper. But that is not a dogma. Let me take two examples (Photo 1 and Photo 2 in the gallery below). For photo 1 I used three layers of photos, for photo 2 two layers (see photo 3). I placed the printed transparent photos on a Lightbox (photo right and photo 4). The combination of the light and the different transparencies creates unique effects. This also creates new compositions. When I’m satisfied with the result, I put a glass plate over it and take a new photo of it. I lightly edit that photo on the computer. Which layer I put on which layer depends on what I want to achieve with the composition. In addition to using this technique, each creation depends on knowledge of my photo archive, the idea of ​​combining certain photos and ‘trial and error’.

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