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Frozen Images

It would never have occurred to me if I hadn’t joined a photo club in Australia and entered a themed photo competition every two months. “ICE” was once the theme. It was summer in Australia and, living in Thailand, I hadn’t experienced a winter in decades. The only ice I had access to was in my freezer. So, I started experimenting with that. Place photos in a container of water and freeze. Hold that block of ice up to the light and take pictures of it. That’s how I got my ‘Frozen windows’ photos. Or freeze photos in a container of water and place the same vegetables on top as those in the photos and then freeze them again. I took photographs of that. Under the headings ‘Frozen windows’ and ‘Frozen vegetables’ you will find more details of the technique used and of course the end results.

Frozen Images by Annelie Hendriks

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