Modern Architecture

What is really worth doing is visiting all the modern architecture and design projects in Amsterdam.

The Valley and Sluishuis residential projects stand out, but entire neighborhoods have been built, often located on the water. Almost all new construction projects in Amsterdam are zero energy buildings. Cars are all stored in enormous underground parking garages, keeping the streets car-free. Landscaping has also been taken into account and even an obligation if you want to have a chance to get a building permit. But the design in particular is breathtaking in many projects. Amsterdam is an example for many other major cities in Europe. And the housing projects are not just for the rich, because that is also a condition for being allowed to build. Social housing and rental properties must be included in the construction plan in addition to the private sector housing.

And because most projects are virtually car-free and located on the water, a walk along the modern architecture projects of Amsterdam is also enjoyable.

Modern architecture - photos by Annelie Hendriks