Variations on rice fields

I am very happy that my second solo exhibition ” Variations on rice fields’ at the Weave Artisan Society, China Mai Thailand opened With great interest. The exhibition with 19 of my art- works looks amazing. The gallery Weave, is an amazing place to exhibit.
I thank everyone who helped me to achieve this result.

My Photo Montages and Frozen Images in ‘Variations on rice fields’ reflect my emotions and state of being in my life.

The composer Philip Glass is a master in creating variations on a theme. It sounds simple and repetitive at first but when you listen closely you hear the changes and variations, the shifting patterns and how that creates depth.

Variations on rice fields exhibition by Annelie Hendriks
From ice cracked, fields grow into light

My exhibition, on display here, is also about variations on one theme, and as with Glass´s music, there are many interesting aspects to discover behind the simplicity at first glance of its appearance. Such as the use of texture, light, photo elements and freezing techniques, which are layered on top of each other to create a more complex and, for me, deeply emotional result.

But it´s not what’s on top, it’s what’s underneath. Glass asks that we look at the core beneath the movement, then look again and again, because this is the meaning, this is the focus, this is the photograph that tells my story. It has always been the rice fields ……..the rice fields …… the rice fields.

It is important to know that the photo art on display here is not software-generated. These are not computer creations.
I created them by using my photographs printed on transparency and vellum paper, a light box a tray, a freezer, water, a hammer and food colouring.

On this page you can find a Photogallery of me with my art and finally a link to the original artworks on my website.