Frozen Food

The technique I used for these photomontages is the following: I put a close-up photo of tomatoes or corn or mushrooms, photographed at various markets, in a container. Pour a thin layer of water over it. I freeze that. Then I take out the container with the frozen photo and put the same vegetables, used in the photo, on the frozen photo. I pour another layer of water over it, but let the vegetables protrude a third above the water. This creates a three-dimensional effect in the photo. I’ll freeze that again and take a new photo of the result, which I then edit on the computer. However, sometimes I put the ice block on a light pad and make then the final photograph.

The reason why I came up with this technique? Well, I participated in a photo competition with the theme “Ice”. It was summer in Australia, where I stayed. Before that, I lived already more than twenty years in Thailand. To make winter photo’s with snow and ice was not really an option. Therefore ice in the freezer was the only “ice” I could think of.