About Annelie Hendriks

My main source of inspiration has always been my travels, together with my soulmate Manus or just for my work. Such as our trip by car to Morocco in 1971, to Russia in 1973, by train back and forth to China in 1975 or to Tanzania in 1976 and Syria in 1977. And all those other years to all those other cultures, every trip was a highlight in itself. My work in the field of intercultural communication, management and consultancies strengthened my experience in and with other cultures. Living in Thailand for over twenty years and having worked as a volunteer for 15 years in the Samsara Foundation deepened that. All those experiences and inspirations yielded so much unique material in image and writing. My chosen art form started with multimedia stories. Everything comes together in Multimedia Storytelling; image material and documents, memories and experiences, personal processing and new creativity, archiving and creating new products. And then Covid brought the world to a standstill. I was stuck in Australia for 20 months and could not return to my country of residence Thailand. During those 20 months, I took photography courses and was taught how to make photomontage art by Ken Ball, an Australian photographer. That gave me new possibilities to use my photo material in a different way. Those results can be found on this website under the headings “Photo Montage Art“ and “Frozen Images“.
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